Auto Height

Change height of the Sliders and avoid strange gaps when your content has different sizes.

What people say about us


"Uros has been super helpful in making my website. I'm at a beginner level with web design and he has been very patient with me. He responds very quickly to my questions with detailed video tutorials. He's always willing to help me improve my site whenever I come across issues. The template is also awesome, has a very modern vibe to it with unique animations. I recommend!"

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Annette Black
Flow Ninja doo

Great customer service! They made a super custom video tutorial to solve my problem! Thank you!

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Mark Evans

The Flow Ninja team has excellent communication skills, a great understanding of Webflow development & design when it comes to launching complex projects.

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Hans Klaus Schreiber

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Paste this before <body> in project settings

<script src=""></script>
 var mySwiper = new Swiper ('#auto-height-swiper', {
 slidesPerView: 1,
 a11y: false,
 slidesPerGroup: 1,
 spaceBetween: 100,
 autoHeight: true,
 loop: true,
 navigation: {
     nextEl: '#ah-arrow-next-slide',
     prevEl: '#ah-arrow-prev-slide',